Our Swim Doctors provide premium services with the latest water safety information, products, and know how to implement tactics that keep you and your loved ones safe in and around water. Water accidents happen in the presence of water, but most drownings occur when the person had no intention of going in the water. This is why the Swim Doctors believe that water safety needs to be discussed in the persons environment to make it applicable to their home, hotel, car, oceans, natural bodies of water, and pools.

House Call Water Safety Check (2-3 hours):

The House Call is where a Swim Doctor will arrive at your home to talk about all things water safety in and around your home. From the front door, to the inside of the residence, to the backyard, to the car the Swim Doctor has you covered. Even if you don’t have a backyard pool, you can still greatly benefit from this service.

  • 1 on 1: Water Safety Check

At minimum the homeowner/tenant needs to be available to for the appointment time to discuss water safety. Family can be present, but since we will be meeting and moving around the property it is best to have someone who is not distracted and will be actively participating for the duration of the Water Safety Check.

  • Water Safety Checklist

Our comprehensive water safety checklist gives our Swim Doctors the ability to identify potential water risks in your environment. The interior, the exterior, and surrounding areas will be checked.

  • Water Safety Action Plan

After the Water Safety Checklist is completed your Swim Doctor can make recommendations and create a Water Safety Action Plan. We can customize a plan to fit your family and your home. Then in the event you ever have a water accident in or out of your home you will have the confidence you need to act accordingly and live a water safer lifestyle.

  • Q and A Session

Have questions regarding your water safety check and what to do in a water accident emergency. Ask your Swim Doctor right then and there. The water safety check is a lot of information and we want to ensure that you are ready to apply it.

Tourist Call Water Safety Check (1-2 hours)

Are you in from out of town and not knowing the water risk around you at your hotel and geographical location? Then the tourist water safety check is for you. We can send a Swim Doctor to your hotel, motel, Air B-n-B, or short term rental to discuss water safety. This service is a condensed version of the house call.

  • 1 on 1: Hotel Safety Check

The tourist check will encompass the hotel/rental property. We will show you how to safely maneuver around the rental property, identify any natural bodies around the area, and how to navigate it all safely. Plus, we can help with the critters, foliage, and currents in our local canals, lakes, ponds, and oceans. The Swim Doctor will need access to your rental living quarters (the booking adult) interior and exterior areas. Plus, have your travel day-to-day travel plans handy, because if they include water, we want to know to help you be safe during your visit.

  • Pool Toys and Safety Equipment

Our Swim Doctor will assist you with the what to look for when playing with pool toys. The pros an cons of pool floaties, and what to look in the event of a water safety accident.

  • Selecting a Water Watcher

With water the more eyes watching the better, even with a lifeguard present, anyone around the pool or body of water should be actively watching the water. The Swim Doctor can help you select the adult and provide tips on how to actively watch the water.

  • Swim Test

We love when tourists come to town, and they say they can swim! Yet, the skills of someone who “knows how to swim” can vary greatly. Let us evaluate your groups swim skills. That will also let your travel group know who the strongest and weakest links in a water environment is.

  • Watercraft Safety

Boating, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and wave runners are common in our water ways. If you are renting a personal watercraft or going out on a water excursion let your Swim Doctor know so we can prepare you to know the ways of the water.


If you are having a private party at a pool or near the water, we strongly suggest hiring our lifeguards. Our lifeguards are certified, trained, insured, and equipped to minimize your water safety worries while hosting a fabulous event. We send out our Swim Doctor Lifeguard on an hourly basis with a minimum of 2 hours per event. When selecting your lifeguard services, you need to think about a few things: the type of event (pool), length of the event, number of swimmers, ages of the swimmers, and the level of the swimmers.

Swimmers Ages 10 and younger: 1 Lifeguard to 10 Swimmers

Swimmers Ages 10 to 18 years old 1 Lifeguard to 15 Swimmers

All Adults Swimmers (18+): 1 Lifeguard to 20 Swimmers

*Lifeguards are not babysitters. All infants and toddlers will need to be accompanied by an adult in the water*

Hourly rate includes:

  • Lifeguard who is certified, trained, insured, and background checked.
  • Lifeguard will inspect the pool & surrounding area prior to the start of the party.
  • Review of safety guidelines with booking adult prior to the start of the party.
  • Attendees inventory list: names, ages, swim ability, emergency contact information.
  • Lifeguarding includes watching the water, the pool patrons in the water, first-aid, CPR.
  • Lifeguards are trained to identify risks that make the water environment unsafe, such as weather, wildlife, and exposure to bodily fluids in the water.

*In the event of weather or the water conditions becoming un-safe the lifeguard has the right to clear and close the pool. The lifeguard will then move to a safe location to guard the exit areas to the pool until the party is over.

Hourly Rate:

1 lifeguard ($180 for 2 hour minimum)

  • 2 hours to 6 hours max
  • $90 per hour past appointment end time

2 lifeguards ($360 for 2 hour minimum)

  • 2 hours to 8 hours max
  • $180 per additional hour past appointment end time

3 lifeguards ($540 for 2 hour minimum)

  • 2 hours to 14 hours max
  • $270 per additional hour past appointment end time

When lifeguarding for multiple hours it is suggested that the lifeguard be given a break. The break times will be decided upon by the on-duty lifeguard and host.

Hours of Operation

HomeCalls/Tourist Calls: Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm

Lifeguarding: Monday-Sunday 8am to 10pm (depending on pool closure times). Swim Doctors suggests ending all lifeguard parties at dusk, and clear the water and surrounding areas before the sun sets. Night lifeguarding only available with proper in pool and deck lighting. If the lifeguard can’t see the bottom of the pool and the surrounding area then we will not be able to provide service.

Booking Policy

There you will be able to submit a Swim Doctor service request, set your appointment, and render payment. No cash, no checks, and no electronic payment will be collected in person with our Swim Doctors. Gratuity is appreciated but not expected and that can be given directly to the Swim Doctor on site.

To ensure the time you need for your Swim Doctor Service Call and/or Lifeguarding we suggest booking as much in advance as possible. We appreciate at least 72 hours notice prior to the event so we have ample time to make arrangements.