About Us

The Swim Doctors was started by aquatics professionals with decades of experience and vast knowledge about water safety. After working in aquatics for years, we realized, that when we promoted water safety many people were shocked at all the information they did not know. We also realized that non-aquatics professionals know different information, may know outdated information, or just might not be aware of how high the risk is around water.

Our mission is to educate people in our communities to make everyone water safe by providing water safety services that helps reduce the drowning rate and keeps everyone safe. We know accidents will always happen, but if we can educate the public, provide awareness, and help them remain calm to provide help in a water accident then maybe we can save many lives for years to come.

Swim Doctors started out as an idea for a persona when, the President & CEO, Dr. Lindsay Krol Pursglove became a Swimtastic Swim School franchisee owner in Southwest Florida. It was a way to explain how a sport management PhD was leaving academia to go back to the aquatics industry. In Dr. Pursglove’s mind it was a way to bridge the gap between academia and aquatics. Then as I got in the market and started working with our swim families that I realized that our swim families valued and were requesting more information about water safety.

Drowning prevention is a big part of my social entrepreneurship efforts. To expand into the water safety/drowning prevention industry I began volunteering with Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition of Collier County. That partnership helped us realize that there were so many resources available to help everyone become water safer. At the national, state, and local levels there were PhDs, MDs, parents on a mission because they lost a loved one to drowning. So many water safety experts that were collaborating to prevent this tragedy. Through our collaboration with Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition the director had mentioned that water safety inspections were needed to explain and promote the layers of prevention to stop childhood downing. It was at that moment, that we knew we had to help.

The Swim Doctors were born! After analyzing all the water safety components, networking with all the experts in the field, and identifying the needs in the community we decided to create a company to help combat drowning and get everyone water safe! Drowning is the leading cause of death of young children, and it is one of the top leading causes of death in adults too. That means we need to get everyone thinking and aware of water safety for their whole lifetime.

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