The world is covered by water. Everyday we are exposed to water in our environment that puts EVERYONE at risk of having a water accident. The Swim Doctors want to make people aware and confident in all places that water is present.

It only takes inches water and a matter of seconds to be in trouble in the water. Let the Swim Doctors help you navigate your external environment so you are prepared when you are on the go.

  1. Puddles, Low Lying Water Areas
  2. Natural Bodies of Water: Rivers, Lakes, Canals, Creeks, & Ponds
  3. Pools
  4. Oceans
  5. Boats/Water Crafts

Our aquatics professionals find that the environment section of the water safety check is where we want you to be safe at your home or on the go. It is important to not only protect your home for water safety, but since the whole area, country, or world doesn’t prepare and protect for water safety the same we want our clients to be safe no mater what. Remember most water accidents happen when the person has no intent of swimming and/or going in the water. The Swim Doctors have the expertise to help you navigate all the water safety skills you need to be prepared outside, during transit, and to your final destination.

Going on vacation, staying in a hotel, having a party around water… We can help with that